Buddy Burners

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Making a simple buddy burner


Tuna tins (clean and dry)
Corrugated cardboard
Wax (old candles or craft paraffin wax)
Flat headed nails (optional)
Heat source (fire or stove)


Cud the cardboard into strips across the corrugations. Strips should be wide enough that you can roll into a spiral and pack tightly into the tuna tin.
Melt the wax in a double boiler (we use bean cans in a pan of boiling water over a fire)
Insert the nails around the edge of the can to for a kind of trivet to rest the pan on.
Pour melted wax into the tin to just level with the top of the cardboard. Wait five minutes and then repeat as the air will come out of the cardoboard.
Allow to cool.

Light the burner bu placing a burning natch or pile of lit tinder on top of the cardboard. After use top up the wax by putting on an old candle stub (whilst the stove is lit) and allowing it to replenish the wax.
The idea is that the cardboard acts as a wick and doesn't burn so these stoves can last years if properly replenished.


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