Captain's Coming

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Traditional game involving YP following simple commands quickly without being last or faltering. Also commonly known as Port and Starboard.




YP act on commands of the leader as detailed below:-

Port - Run to the left of the room
Starboard - Run to the right of the room
Stern - Run to the back of the room
Bow - Run to the front of the room
Scrub the decks - Get down on their knees and pretend to scrub the floor
Climb the rigging - pretend to climb.
Captain's Coming - stand completely still (at alert) and salute until the leader says dismissed
Man Overboard - Hold on to a partner.
Man the lifeboats - get into lines of three sat on the floor pretending to row.
Bombs Away - Crouch down with your hands over your head
Submarine - Lie on your back with one leg in the air
Walk the Plank - Walk along a thin line
Captains Lady - All shout Ooo La La!

The last YP to follow the instruction or any YP who moves when the captain is coming is out.

If using game as part of navigation/orienteering activity, use points of compass instead of fore, aft etc.

Extra moves for sailing/paddling warm up:-

Man Over Board - Stand and point
Ready about & Lee Ho - Swap sides of room
Hike out - 2 people stand face to face, hold hands and lean back holding on
Kayak/Canoe - kneel and paddle with an oar

Adaptions for Virtual Scouting:-

Instead of running to a side of the room, YP just point up, down, left & right.


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