Drumming workshop scouts

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Hold a workshop with a local drumming company. Teach rhythm, music, understand and share the experience and then performing - African style!




Workshop - 60 mins - external "faciliators / drummers"
Place all the drums in a circle, one for each person (with a chair for each person).
Whoever is running the workshop will explain the concept of drumming, and the different sounds that the drums can make.
Understand Rhythm by clapping first, and then introducing short patterns of sound
Split into 3 groups, with each group doing a different but complimentary rhythm
Explain and get the young people to join in and contribute about how the music is made and how it makes them feel.
Perform for the parents / rest of group

Listen to a short tune of a couple of lines and then sing it back.
Listen to another tune and then beat or clap out the rhythm.
This can be completed as part of teh drumming workshop itself

Sing or play two different types of song or tune on your chosen instrument – remember your voice is an instrument too. You must perform in front of other people, either in Scouting or at a public performance such as a group show or school concert.
This can be done as part of the session the - the group can split into slightly smaller groups and "perform" in front of each other - ideally 2 different styles. (workshop usually runs for 1 hour so drums won't be around when parents arrive - so will need to perform to the rest of the group)

Demonstrate some of the musical exercises that you use to practice your skills.
Talk about your instrument and why you enjoy playing it. Alternatively, you could talk about the songs you sing and why you enjoy singing them.
Again,. ideally the scouts should be able to demonstrate some of the skills they have been taught during the session. Perhaps after the workshop has finished they could share a few words each (in smaller groups) about what they enjoyed playing the drums and anything they have learnt about the drums they are playing.

Tell your assessor about the music that you most like to listen to.
Again in smaller groups after the drumming session, each scout to talk about what music they like a why.....


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