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Quick circle game




1 Stand the young people in a circle (with their hands behind their back), with an adult in the middle
2 The adult whirls round and at random, points to one young person and shouts 'Splat!'
3 The young person pointed at ducks down and the two either side have to point to each other and shout 'Splat!' The last one to shout 'Splat!' sits down
4 The game continues till there are two players left. They stand back to back and on the adult's signal, they walk away from each other.
5 The adult shouts 'Splat!' and they turn and shout 'Splat!' at each other with the first to shout being the winner.

Note: Anyone who "Splat" when they shouldn't should be out for "indiscriminate splatting"!


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