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Take Part in an Indoor Campfire


Three bamboo sticks (approx. 18” long)
Blue tac
Elastic bands
Crepe paper- yellow, orange, and red
Large/strong torch or bike light
Songs from Ladybird CD


Explain to the Ladybirds that part of a campfire is to build a fire outdoors but you can also have an indoor campfire that they are going to help make.
Help the Ladybirds decide which songs to sing around their campfire.
Explain that a campfire always includes Opening Songs, Loud Song, Action Songs and finishes with Quite Songs.

Make an indoor campfire
• Wrap the three bamboo sticks together at the top with an elastic band (this makes a tripod).
• Put a small ball of Blue Tac onto each “leg” and secure tripod to the floor.
• Place the torch on the floor in the middle of the tripod, with the light pointing towards the ceiling.
• Roughly tear the crepe paper into large pieces and place it over the torch, building a “fire”.
• Dim the hall lights, and your campfire will glow


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