IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Environmental Awareness Option 05

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Keep a diary of the journeys you make during a week. Explain what the most environmentally friendly methods of transport are. Discuss ways your family could reduce its carbon footprint.


Copy of Carbon Footprint sheet per Guide (see overleaf)


By completing the attached worksheet, it will highlight the more you consume, the greater your carbon footprint. Each time something is consumed, the earth’s natural resources are used. By knowing your carbon footprint, you can understand how the earth is impacted and identify ways to protect natural resource

• Give each Patrol two minutes to come up with the most environmentally friendly methods of transport to and from the following
1. School
2. Cinema
3. Weekly shopping
4. Visiting your friends
5. Going to the Zoo
6. Guide Camp

• Give each Guide a copy of the Carbon Footprint worksheet (see overleaf) to complete
• Ask each Patrol to compare their scores
• Ask each Guide to set themselves a challenge to help them improve their score

Acknowledgement/Source Trefoil News Nov/Dec 2015


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