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Discuss different ways of reducing water and energy use at home. Try one of these ways for a week and keep a record of what you’ve done


 2 Buckets
 1 unbreakable cup (with handle if possible )


This activity will help the Brownies understand how they can help save water.

This game is best done outside. To prepare, set up an obstacle race course with three or four equal lines (depending how many teams there are)
• Divide the Brownies into teams
• Place a bucket in front of each team
• Fill each bucket with the same amount of water
• Place empty buckets at the other end of course
• Hold a relay race using cups as the batons
• Leader give the instruction of how each member of the team is to complete the obstacle race i.e. run, skip, hop, etc.
• First Brownie in each team fills her cup (baton) with water
• Trying not to spill the water she completes the course while clearing the obstacles along the way, and empty the cup into the bucket at the other end.
• She then runs back and passes the cup (baton) on to the next team runner
• Continue playing until all the water has been transfer form one bucket to the other
• Measure the water in the finishing buckets after the race – the team who saved the most water wins.
Does everyone have access to drinking water out of a tap?
What would you do if you had no access to running water?
What can you do to save water?

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