Numbers Wide Game or Generals and Spies

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Strategy based wide game where scouts must capture the highest numbers.

The cards included here can be used as the scoring and "lives" system for any number of wide games. Print, trim and laminate.

The "paper, scissors, stones" style scoring makes challenges unpredictable, levelling the playing field so even different sections could use these cards to play a game together.


Print out numbered cards (trim and laminate) or use playing cards.

"Generals and Spies - cards.docx/pdf" - cards for various army ranks.
"Generals and Spies - card backs shapes.docx/pdf" - shapes to print on the back of the cards to create 3 circle/triangle/square teams
"Generals and Spies - card summary.docx/pdf" - summary of the cards, quantity available and value. Useful when explaining the scoring system

Ball-pool balls or any other "tokens" that can be captured


You can use these cards as the scoring and "lives" system for any number of wide games. The originator has provided one example in "ArmyRules.pdf".
We've tried many more, but this one worked particularly well:

All teams have a home-base (no balls) in one home area, close to each other e.g. playground
Each home-base is surrounded by a safe-zone (cones) of a couple of metres
Balls are held in a single remote-base in another location
Only one person per team can defend the area where the home-bases are
Players raid the remote-base and/or attack other players
Players making their way to home-base can be attacked by anyone, and by the defenders
Players are safe once at their home-base to drop-off a ball, but the safe-zone cannot be used by players to "hide"
Only one ball to be carried at a time, unless extras are stolen from successful challenges, and must be visible
Lost cards must be replaced immediately by returning to home base for a new one
Stolen cards can be returned to home base at any time
Carried balls are given-up if a challenge is lost

5 points for each ball won; 1 point for each card won


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