IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Cultural Diversity Option 01

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Take part in games or activities to get to know each other better and explore our similarities and differences.


 A lemon or lime for each player,
 permanent marker pen
 Copy of song (see overleaf)


Aim of Badge To develop an awareness and appreciation of cultures other than your own.
This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

This activity shows that there are differences even in things you assume are the same. It can provoke a discussion about what makes us different and what similarities we have with each other.

• Give every Brownies a lemon or lime
• Ask the girl to write their name on the fruit
• Each Brownie have two minutes to get to know their fruit, noticing the shape, texture and any marks on it
• Leaders collect fruits
• Ask the Brownies to sit together shoulder-to-shoulder in a close circle, with their hands behind their backs
• Give each Brownie a fruit, distributed at random. Ask them to feel the fruit and if it is not their fruit, pass it to the left. If they think they have their fruit, they put it on the floor behind them and continue to pass the rest of the fruit to the left
• Let this go on for 5 minutes or until they have all found their own fruits
• Ask the Brownies to look at the fruit in their hands to see if they guessed correctly
• What makes us different from each other? How might this cause problems in communities?
Finish this activity with the Song A SONG OF EMPOWERMENT (see overleaf)

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