Flight Arrows

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To make a bamboo cane throwing arrow with a blunt front end and a dart flight tail.


One bamboo cane roughly 10 mm diameter and minimum 2000 mm long.
A length of string or binder cord approx 1000mm
100mm x 250mm stiff card


Split the narrow end of the bamboo to the first notch/bulge in the cane, taking the point of the knife through the cane nearest the notch and running away from you to the narrow end of the arrow.
Making two incisions at 45 degrees to each other, this makes for a cross cut in the end of the bamboo for the card flight to fit into.
Fold the stiff card length ways and cut a 30 mm V in the open end of the card. Next cut a 30 mm V in the folded end giving you two equal sized flights.
Mark the center line through the two v cuts and cut carefully up to half way on first V from top to bottom and on the second V from bottom to top, then insert the two cuts together and open them to 90 degrees to form a flight.
Insert the flight into the 4 cut slots in the top of the bamboo cane. To secure use a small length of sellotape or similar to close the cuts.
Make a figure of 8 knot in the end of the string, take a turn around the cane roughly halfway along its length, fold the string over the know and run the string dow to the end of the arrow and wrap around the throwing hand.
As if throwing a javelin extend the arm back and follow through whipping the string quickly once the arrow has left the hand, this increases the range of the arrow.
Set up a paper target for a nearest the bull winner!


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