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Discuss how we can show good teamwork. Show examples of sharing, taking turns and compromise(under,over and through the middle)


2 chairs per team
string and scissors


This activity helps new Brownies to understand the positives of cooperation, patience and teamwork. Take part in a team building activity


• Place two chairs back to back and approximately six paces apart
• Tie the string from the top of one chair to the top of the other and from the top of the leg of one chair to the top of the leg of the other chair
• Divide the girls into teams of 6
• Explain that, by working together as a team, they must get two girls in their team under the bottom string
two girls over the top string
two girls through the middle
• If any girl touches the string at all, even with her hair, the whole team must start again.

NOTE TO LEADER: To make this activity hard and to encourage more team work and effective communication, you could choose to blindfold one or two, or even all the girls except one, who would then have to instruct the other girls in her team.

IGG Outreach Pack 2008

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