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Krypton Factor style, show that you are aware of safety issues on the road when you are walking, riding a bicycle or in a car, by completing a road safety quiz.


Quiz (see below for example).
Road markings and signs (e.g. stop, give way, railway crossing).
Scooters/roller blades/skateboards/bikes and safety equipment
Memory game puzzle with road signs


The Krypton Factor was a game show where contestants competed in different rounds. The different rounds tested general knowledge, problem solving with puzzles, memory and an obstacle course.

Part One:
Memory game with road signs.
Match the road sign to the words which explain what it means in patrols. You could do this relay style if you can display the signs on a board.

Part Two:
Obstacle course. Do as an individual and add to patrol score.
Set up an obstacle course to ride around on scooter/bike etc. First step - put on safety gear. Have obstacles testing road safety and must obey road signs or get a penalty.
Examples of obstacles: car with reverse lights on, ball rolling onto road, loop track back on itself so have to give way, stop sign. Time penalties if break the rules.

Part Three:
Quiz with questions relating to road safety (see below).

Parts One and Two: for each part, first patrol 10 points, second patrol 6 points, third patrol 4 points, fourth patrol 2 points.
Part Three: one point per correct answer (if it's close then you could take marks off for incorrect answers).


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