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This should satisfy the entire badge.


Depends on the experiments wanted.


Each leader runs a 'base' with an experiment. (We had 5 leaders: Water walking, coloured flowers, mentos vs coke, height vs wing span and cress - light v dark).

Decide how long they will spend at each base and set a timer with a loud buzzer so all leaders can hear it (or set same timer on each phone).

Split the Beavers up into groups so that each leader will have a group.

Give each beaver a pen and a log book and ask them to write that they think will happen. Do the experiment. We got the Beavers to take a photo of the experiment. Then they can write what the saw, smelt etc.

Rotate between all bases.

Experiments we used:
Mentos vs coke -
Water Walking -
Cress -
Flower colours -
Height vs span -


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