IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Cultural Diversity Option 02

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Through activities, identify ways of respecting and including different cultures.




Aim of Badge
To develop an awareness and appreciation of cultures other than your own

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

The Story of the Rainbow
This activity is a listening and thought-provoking exercise.
It story can work very well when included as part of a Brownies Own

• Photocopy to story (see overleaf)

• Select eight Brownies to be the different colours and the rain

• A Leader will be the narrator

• Ask all the girls to sit in a circle in silence and explain that a story will be read out and you would like them all to be quiet.

• The girls selected read the story.

• After the story is over, the girls can discuss the story and their opinion on it and if they think it reflects any aspect of life.

IGG Outreach Pack 2008

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  • diversity
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