IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Global Traveller Option 04

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Imagine going on a foreign trip, what steps do you need to take to prepare for it


Materials Needed Per Six
Photocopy of the “What we need” (see overleaf)
Ziploc bag for each team.


Aim of Badge
To encourage an interest in foreign travel

This Badge has 9 options of which 3 must be completed to gain a badge.
Subsequent badges may be earned when 3 additional options are completed

We Are Off to America
This activity will show that different words mean the same thing. It will highlight difficulties that may happen when communicating with people from different countries
This activity can be run on an overnight event or weekend away with Brownies.
PREPARATION: Photocopy the ‘What we need’ list for each team.
• Photocopy “What we Need” list (see overleaf) per team
• Divide the girls into teams of 2-4
• Explain that the Unit is off to America to visit Girl Scouts over there
• They have sent us a list of things we must bring with us
• Each team must try and find these items in the set time
• Bring the Unit back together to go through the meanings and discuss the activity
• Did they know all the meanings?
• Were they surprised at all the words they knew or did not know?
• Can they understand or relate to difficulties that could arise from communicating with people from other cultures now?


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