IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Healthy Mind Option 02

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Identify your own good qualities (Me Too)


A chair for each girl


Aim of Badge:
To practice having a positive mental attitude

This Badge has 6 options of which 6 must be completed
• Sit on chairs in a circle. Ask the girls to think of something that is unique to them, something they think that only they can do, know, have done or will do – e.g. been to Spain three times. If this is true for one of them, she will say, “I have been in Spain three times!”, and another girl who has also been to Spain three times will jump up and say “Me too!”.

• Then they sit down again and the first girl must try to find something else that is unique. When nobody else can share what is unique, you move on to the next girl.

• The first-round ends when all the girls have said something about themselves that is unique only to them in this Group.

• The next step is to ask everyone to think of something that they believe they share with all the others. Remove one chair and ask the girl whose turn it is to stand in the middle. When she starts and says, for example, “I am a member of The Irish Girl Guides”, then everyone who agrees jumps up and says “Me too!” and the girl in the middle tries to grab a chair. Then a new girl goes to stand in the middle.

Debriefing: When everyone has said something which all in the group share, or when you think the game has gone on long enough, the Leader stops it to go through the questions below.

• What was the easiest - finding something unique or something you share with others?
• What do you generally like best - feeling unique or sharing things with others?
• What you thought was unique; did you share it with others after all?
• Are there things common to all Brownies and Guides?
• Can any of these things make others feel left out?
• Can you find anything that is common to all people? In your town? In your country?

IGG Outreach Pack 2008
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