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Evaluate the importance of voting and using your vote. (Who Influences My Ideas)


A3 size paper and colouring pencils


Aim of Badge
To demonstrate how an election works

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed
Who Influences My Ideas?
Instructions: The aim of this activity is to learn more about who and what influences our idea and opinions about various issues
 The Leader prepares a sample sheet, with her name in a circle in the centre and then she writes some of the people and things that influence her around this circle to use as an example for the activity
• Divide the Unit into their Sixes
• Give each Six paper and colouring pencils
• Ask Brownies to consider who influences their ideas and opinions
• In the middle of the piece of paper ask them draw a circle and write their names in this circle.
• Then write the people and things that most influence their ideas and opinions close to the circle and all other people and things that influence them further away from the circle

In Pow Wow have a group discussion about this topic. Discuss ‘Who or what is most important in influencing your ideas?'

NOTE TO LEADER: Examples of things that can influence the girls’ opinions include friends, family, especially parents, television, newspapers, etc.
IGG Outreach Pack 2008
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