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Investigate how many companies now produce Fair Trade chocolate products. Compare a fair-trade bar with an ordinary bar (Cocoa trading chain)


Copy of Trading Chain (see overleaf) per Patrol


• Assign everyone in the Patrol a role in the cocoa-trading chain e.g. farmer, importer (see overleaf).
• Discuss what might happen at each stage in the production of chocolate
• Ask each Patrol to discuss their role and decide how much of the cost of a chocolate bar (€1) should come to them
• Each group then presents its suggestions
• Add up the total
• The total is likely to exceed €1, in which case each Patrol should rethink their costs and suggest another figure
• Give them the actual amounts (below) and
discuss how each group feels about their amount. Is it fair?
Actual amounts
Farmer 8c
Cocoa Buyers 7c
Importer 14c
Chocolate Company 28c
Shops 28c
Government 15c
• The group could draw a diagram of a chocolate bar, and divide it according to the above figures, using percentages.
• In reality, the roles of cocoa buyer, importer and chocolate company are often carried out by one company, which means that it gets even more of the price of the chocolate bar.

It is also important to note that the last four stages of the chain, the most profitable, are usually carried out in manufacturing countries, which means that an even higher proportion of the money goes to those countries that are already rich.

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  • fair trade
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  • uneven distribution

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