IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Community Action Option 03

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Action on a global concern


Large sheet
some spare photos that represent poverty in case some of the girls forget theirs


Aim of Badge
To take part in a self-determined service project

This Badge has 3 options of which 3 must be completed

Option 03 Action on a global concern:
You could find out about projects sponsored by charity organisations or perhaps choose a wildlife issue.
*The project:
• must be planned carefully
• may be completed individually or with other Patrol members
• should be worked on for a minimum of 10 hours
Learn about Poverty through Pictures
This activity aims to show Guides visually what poverty look like

• Ask the girls to collect pictures that represent poverty for them. The pictures can be from Ireland, from Europe, from outside Europe and can represent poverty for a variety of groups/themes (children, adults, animals, the environment, cities…)
• They can look into their family books and magazines as well as use the internet.
• Girls are asked to print or photocopy the pictures and bring them to the next meeting.
• During the meeting, each girl will present one or more picture they have collected.
• They will talk about where the picture was taken and when, who or what is affected by poverty and what could be done to overcome poverty.
• The picture can be glued to a big poster and left to display at the meeting place.

IGG GAT Resource Pack
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