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Know what immunisations and vaccinations you have received and what others might be desirable


Mosquito net


Nets Save Lives
The aim of this game is to show how a simple net can stop Malaria

Malaria is transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. The time most people get bitten is at night time. It is important to sleep under an insecticide-treated sleeping net that mosquitoes cannot get through.

We do not have malaria-carrying mosquitoes in Ireland as they like to live in hot countries.
• Put up netting – a real mosquito net if you can get one or just window nets- over a section of the room
• Choose one or two girls to be malaria-carrying mosquitoes
• tell everyone else to avoid being caught/bitten.
• Play the game as a normal game of tag, in which everyone who is tagged is out
• Every now and then during the game call out “Bed Time”
• At this everyone has to get behind the mosquito net, and the last person to reach the net is out
• Play until only one is left- she is the winner. Play the game a few more times to give others a chance to be mosquitoes

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