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Find out about natural remedies for common illnesses


Ingredients for making solutions. Mixing Bowls.


Aim of Badge
To gain a better understanding of keeping your body healthy
This Badge has 8 options of which 8 must be completed

Oral Rehydration Solution
This activity aims to show the Guides how a simple recipe of readily available ingredients can help stop dehydration

• Give each Patrol the following ingredients:
1 teaspoon of salt
8 teaspoons of sugar
1 litre of clean water
• Ask the girl to mix all the ingredients together until the salt and sugar are completely dissolved
• The girls can taste the solution
• Ask them what they think this solution can be used for
• If they do not guess, explain that this is a simple solution that is given to children in poor countries when they suffer from dehydration and drinking water is not available
• Ask the girls to run or do some physical exercise for 5/10 minutes and test whether the solution is working

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