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What to Pack

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Colony Programme Plus Vol 1 pg 62-63
Whenever Beaver scouts go out for a day they need to be aware of the items they will need to cary. This activities will help them learn what they need to pack in a rucksack for a day out.


Assorted scrap paper
Rucksack, cagoule, drink, First Aid kit, table lamp, iron, snacks, computer game, dictionary, deckchair, camera, money, maps and compass, sun hat and cream, mobile phone (for emergencies), items not required for a day out e.g. electrical toys, hair dryer, tin of beans etc. to have as red herrings.
OR pictures/photos of the above things with small containers to put the pictures into the correct pile


1. Gather lots of different items, some of which you would take on a fictitious day visit to the countryside, and some that would not be appropriate.

2. Spread them out in front of you with the Beaver Scouts sitting round them in a circle.

3. Go through each item in turn and see if the Beaver Scouts think you should take them. Place the items into a pile to take and a pile not to take.

4. You should end up with the items to take on a day visit which can be packed into the rucksack.


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