IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Healthy Friendship Option 04

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Recognise, discuss and understand bullying and its effects.(obstacles)


 A drum or something similar to make a clear sound.
 Items to use as obstacles, e.g. chairs, cutlery, tins


Aim of Badge
To have a deeper understanding of friendship and how to conduct respectful relationships with others.

This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed
The Obstacle
• Divide the room into two parts. Country A and Country B
• Ask the girls to stand along one wall.
• Leader sits down on a chair, (which is placed roughly in the middle of the room) drum in hand, with her back to the girls

(instructions continued overleaf)

Health Promotion Pack 2003

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Beat the drum at the slightest sound from the very beginning. This will reduce speed and take away the feeling of competition. By the time you have put obstacles in their way and appointed girls to act injured, they are generally working well as a team and may need your support, so then you can be a little easier on them


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