IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Healthy Friendship Option 03

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Recognise and appreciate differences in others and how our actions can influence and affect others.(force the circle)


A large room


Aim of Badge
To have a deeper understanding of friendship and how to conduct respectful relationships with others.
This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed

• Divide the girls into their Patrols. Choose one girl in the patrol to be an ‘outsider’.
• Choose one girl in each Patrol to be an observer and give them paper and a pencil. Make it clear to the observer that she must not talk or interfere with/interrupt the Patrol.
• Tell the other members of the Patrol to stand shoulder to shoulder to form as tight a circle as possible.
• Explain that the ‘outsider’ must try to get into the circle while those who form the circle must try to keep her out.
• The observer must take notes of what the girls in the circle say among themselves or to the ‘outsider’; what the members of the circle do in order not to let the ‘outsider’ in; what the ‘outsider’ says; what the ‘outsider’ does.
• After two or three minutes and regardless of whether they managed to enter the circle or not, the ‘outsider’ joins the circle and another member has a turn being an ‘outsider’. The activity is over once all the members of the Patrol who want to have tried to force the circle.

Debriefing and evaluation:
Let the girls comment informally on what has happened. Then ask them:
• How did you feel when you were part of the circle?
• How did you feel when you were an ‘outsider’?
• Find out if those who succeeded in forcing the circle felt differently to those who didn’t manage it.
• What did the observer notice? What strategies were used? What did the girls say about each other?
• Do you recognize this type of situation from real life?
• Who are outsiders in Guiding?
• What can we do to make outsiders feel at home in Guiding?
• Who are considered “outsiders” in our society?
• What can Guiding do to help outsiders be admitted into society?

IGG Outreach Pack 2008

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