IGG PATHFINDER: Now you're a Guide 04

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This activity will allow the Guides to make a poster about themselves which will help Leaders get to know their Guides a little bit better. (counter games)


 Coloured Counters
 Copy of Counter Game (see overleaf)


This activity is a good warm up /getting to know each other activity to use before each Guides begins to make a poster about themselves

Counter Game
• Divide the girls into teams of around 5-6 and ask them to sit in a circle together.

• Pass a bag of counters around each circle, asking each girl to take out 4 or 5 counters and telling them there can be no swapping.

• Then once the girls have their counters, explain that for every counter they have, they must tell their team something about themselves.

• When the first girl tells the team something about herself, you move on to the next girl. Keep going around and around the circle till each girl has shared 4-5 things about themselves with their team.

NOTE TO LEADER: This activity can also be run in one large group, but would need to be facilitated by a Leader.

IGG Outreach Pack 2008

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