Whats in the Sleeping Bag

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A game to highlight what is needed on a sleepover.


Sleeping bag with pull string top, torch, teddy bear, book, toothbrush, water bottle, cap, welly boot, walking boot, carrier bag (one that makes noise), roll mat, suncream, rucksack.


Beaver Scouts are to try and guess what is in the sleeping bag.

They are to be told that they must not look into the sleeping bag or take anything out of the sleeping bag.

This could be a problem solving exercise too as the rules do not say that you can not place your hand inside the sleeping bag to feel the items - which will make it easier.
You could add some things that should not go to camp as a test of what can and cannot go to camp/sleepover


  • camp
  • Nights away
  • Problem solving
  • sleeping bag
  • team game

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