IGG INTEREST BADGE Ladybird Active Body Option 2

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Complete 3 to 4 physical activities in your Unit including take part in a beanbag game and going for a ramble.( Mother Father Baby)


 beanbag


Aim of Badge To encourage physical activity

This Badge has 3 options of which 3 must be completed

• The Ladybirds stand in a circle
• Divide them into teams of three
• In each team, you have a mother, father and a baby
• Place a beanbag in the middle of a circle
• The Leader calls a name (mother, father or baby)
• whoever is called runs around the outside of the circle clockwise
• The other two members of the team stand one in front of the other with their legs wide apart
• When the Leader shouts ‘home’ everyone must keep going until they get back to their own team
• Then they must crawl underneath their partners’ legs into the middle of the circle
• Whoever gets to the beanbag first gets a point for their team and so on

IGG Outreach Pack 2008

Template needed: No


  • active Body
  • IGG
  • interest badge
  • Physical activity

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