IGG Senior Branch GLOBAL AWARENESS Choice Challenge 20

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Challenge the perceptions you have about people from different cultures, countries or religions.


 Copies of the worksheets overleaf, (one for each team of 4-6 girls and 1 worksheet for the Leader),
 scissors and
 a freezer/Ziploc bag for each team


PREPARATION: Cut up each photocopied worksheet into 30 pieces and put in a freezer/Ziploc bag


• Divide the girls into teams of between 4-6.
• Give each team a freezer/Ziploc bag containing all the pieces.
• Explain that they have to decide which symbol and set of 4 facts match each religion.
• After approximately 10 minutes bring the Group back together and discuss their answers. Tell the girls the right answers.

Debriefing & evaluation:

• Ask the girls how they found the activity
• Was it difficult?
• Do they feel they know more information about other religions now?
• Ask them to share with the Group one thing they have learned by taking part in the activity?

IGG Outreach Pack 2008
Template needed:


  • global awareness
  • IGG
  • religion

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