Senior Branch COMMUNITY ADVENTURE Choice Challenge 25

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Take part in a Unit activity that will improve your team skills (throw the ball)


 4-6 tennis balls/bean bags
 Counters


We’ve all played icebreakers at some point in a Guiding event! But as
well as introducing strangers, they can also be great ways to bring a
group together to start a task and to build teamwork.

Throw the ball
• Ask the girls and Leaders to form a circle.
• One Leader has one tennis ball to start with. She calls out one girl’s name and throws her the ball.
• Then that girl calls another girl’s name and she throws the ball to her, until every girl and Leader has got the ball once.
• The last person to get the ball throws it to the Leader who started the game, and then the sequence has been formed.
• Keep throwing the ball in the sequence getting faster and faster. The Leaders can introduce more balls into the circle to create chaos, mayhem and fun.

Counter Game:
• Divide the girls into teams of around 5-6 and ask them to sit in a circle together.
• Pass a bag of counters around each circle, asking each girl to take out 4 or 5 counters and telling them there can be no swapping.
• Then once the girls have their counters, explain that for every counter they have, they must tell their team something about themselves.
• When the first girl tells the team something about herself, you move on to the next girl. Keep going around and around the circle till each girl has shared 4-5 things about themselves with their team.

IGG Outreach Pack 2008

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