IGG Senior Branch COMMUNITY ADVENTURE Choice Challenge 19

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Investigate how to communicate effectively. Discuss ways to promote discussion and viewpoints


 Chairs
 Ropes
 Rug
 Paper


PREPARATION: Lay out a simple obstacle course using the chairs, paper and rug.


• Divide the girls into teams of 3-4.

• Ask one girl to stand at the bottom of the hall and use her neckerchief to blindfold her. Explain that she must make her way to the top of the hall through the obstacles with verbal guidance from her team mates.

• Get the rest of the team to move to the top of the hall. From there they must give direction and guidance to their team mate.

• All teams simultaneously guide their team mate through the obstacle course.


This activity can be run a couple of times giving all the girls a go at being blindfolded. The leader can move the obstacles around in between goes. It can be made easier or more difficult depending on the age range by changing the number of obstacles on the floor or by only running one team through the obstacle course at a time.

IGG Outreach Pack 2008

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  • communcation
  • IGG
  • teamwork

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