IGG Senior Branch CHANGE ADVENTURE Choice Challenge 21

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Reseacrch your family historty and plot your faily tree


 Examples of the Family Tree (see overleaf)


Sharing activity which allows girls to explore their family tree. This is a good activity to make the girls aware that throughout history people have always moved from one country to another. It often happens that young people are unaware of their family background.

NOTE TO LEADER: Be aware that, if you have any adopted children in your Unit, this activity would not be suitable. It is important that girls only tell what they want to share. No one should feel under pressure to disclose facts that they do not feel comfortable with. It is important that there is already an atmosphere of trust in the Unit which allows for differences to be put forward. Otherwise girls may be reluctant to share something about their family which they fear could lead to exclusion.
Instructions: Divided into three parts:
Part A: Planning the activity; 30 minutes
Part B: The research: a day or a week, depending on the time available
Part C: Sharing the family tree: 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the Unit
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IGG Outreach Pack 2008

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