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With a Group if possible your own Patrol, go on 3 rambles of different lengths & in different directions (3 Rambles)




Aim of Badge To plan and go on group rambles

This Badge has 4 options of which 4 must be completed

Instructions No 1
• At a meeting prior to date of rambles, Patrols will organise and plan their rambles.
• Patrols may decide a theme for their rambles, i.e.
 a ramble to a local Heritage site nearby,
 a tree study in a local park,
 a night ramble to study the stars.
• Each ramble is to be of a different length and a different direction.
• Be sure Guides know and understand the “Leave no Trace Principles” (rights of way etc) if rambling through the countryside.
• Encourage Guides to get into the habit of bringing a notebook and pen on their rambles to keep a log of each one



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Leave No Trace Rules


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