Tottenham Selfie Treasure Hunt

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A local area virtual treasure hunt suitable for all ages. Younger age groups should be accompanied by an adult.
The aim is for the young people to go out into their local community and take a 'selfie' with people, places or objects within a given time.


1. Treasure hunt list - list of things for the young people to find.
2. A smart phone or digital camera.
3. A watch.


Split your young people into small groups, we usually send them out in groups of no more than 4.
Give each group a list of items that they need to find.
The group can locate the items / places / people in any order from the list.
They must take a selfie including at least one person from the group in the picture along with the item that they are finding.
One picture for one item / place... they cannot use the same photo or place for different items on the list.
The group must be back at the start point by the given time or they are disqualified



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