Running Log Chew

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A version of a log chew discussion, where the leader shouts out an idea and the kids run to their answer before discussing their choices.

We use this at the start of each term to discuss programme ideas, foods we'd like to eat at our next camp, and even decide where to hold our Christmas Party! It's an active, Beaver-friendly way to get them involved in deciding what we do, which is a big part of the YouShape initiative and really helps them feel involved in things!


(optional) signs or pictures of the ideas, activities or badges you want to discuss, as visual prompts.

Also, 'yes' and 'no' signs on the correct walls can help - I've attached some versions of these to choose from.


Ask all the Beavers to stand in the middle, and explain we're going to make some decisions together as a group.
When you shout out/show an activity, food, choice etc, they have to either run to the 'no' wall or the 'yes' wall, depending on their own answer (no conferring!)
They can stay in the middle if they have no opinion.
Then, pick a couple of Beavers from each side of the room to explain why they ran that way.
Repeat as necessary!

Use the answers to help you fill in gaps in your programme, plan menus for camps, and decide where to go on trips.


  • decision making
  • log Chew
  • Programme planning
  • YouShape

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