Pizzas and Dutch Ovens

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Cooking pizzas in chocolate tins


fire, chocolate tins eg Roses, muffins, pizza bases, tomato paste, grated cheese, pineapple; foil, rubbish bag, wipes, water for drinks and to put out fire, squash, knives to spread, pizza cutter, chopping board, matches, cups, kindling, newspaper, torch, chocolate spread, jam, marshmellows, bananas


Safety quiz about working around the fire, who to call in an emergency, where can we call them? Walk not run etc. Depends on the layout of the area you are using the fire. On a prepared surface cut muffins in half and coat each side with tomato sauce and add cheese and pineapple. Wrap in foil and place in tin. Seal tin with lid and bury in the fire embers- the fire is best to have been lit, and burnt down, prior to meeting to allow optimum cooking conditions.

To make normal pizzas use pizza bases, top them, wrap in foil or line tin with foil, and place in tin.

You can also make a dessert eg Bananas and chocolate.

Whilst they are cooking in the fire, its time for practicing those campfire songs.


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