Kiwiana night

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All things kiwiana wrapped up in a kiwiana style party night - good for end of term


Jandals,gumboots,mini pav's,balloons, disposeable safety razors, shaving cream.


Get the girls to come dressed up in kiwiana gear eg bushshirts, gumboots, shorts and jandals, all blacks etc - have a parade. Have a discussion about kiwiana- what makes New Zealand a Kiwi nation , our unique identity and culture - things to include - Maori heritage and names around New Zealand, Kiwi icons in towns - Tihape and gumboots (what other icon can they name), our sporting,music and farming heritage. Can do Kiwi attitude etc. Get them all to bring their favorite kiwiana items or food eg footrot flat books, paua, pineapple lumps, jaffa's, twisties, cheese rolls, weet bix memorabilia, tin's/containers from yester year etc. - make a display for your party table with the food and items. The more unique items get the girls to tell the story behind them.

Play either a round robin of kiwiana games or run games if a small group. Games could include: Shear the sheep - shave the balloon - shaving foam and disposable razors with the safety caps on without popping the balloon. Pin the tail on the sheep. Gumboot toss. Hot potato - using a jandal. Pavlova eating competition - using meringues. Musical chairs using kiwi music.


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