July 4th American Independence Day Biscuits

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American flag biscuits to observe American Independence Day on 4th July


Nice Biscuits (or any rectangular biscuits)
Icing sugar
Strawberry laces (pre cut to the length of the biscuit you're using)
Fizzy raspberry belts (blue - pre-cut into small rectangles for the left corner)
White chocolate star sprinkles
Tube of white icing with small nozzle (To glue the stars on)


Make up the icing to a thick consistency so it is spreadable but not too runny. Spread onto the biscuit, completely covering it. Then, holding the strawberry stripes at each end, place them onto the biscuit evenly spaced. Take one piece of fizzy raspberry belt and press down over the stripes in the top left corner of the biscuit. An adult then puts small dobs of icing from the tube onto the blue area of the flag for the children to stick the white chocolate star sprinkles onto.

See photo attached


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