Cubs Energy Saving Evening

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This workbook covers some of the Environmental Conservation, Global Issues & Our World badges


We used energy monitors from Low Energy Supermarket
Household items such as Hoover, Microwave, Hairdryer etc....
Rubbish (for cubs to sort out into recyclable)
Draught proofing items (not essential)


We sorted cubs into 4 groups and they moved round tables.
Table 1. Sort out rubbish - discuss what was recycling and what was not.
Table 2. I had some draught proofing items that we talked about how we thought they could save energy.
Table 3. Testing how much electricity household items used (microwave, hoover etc...)
Table 4. Energy saving ideas & workbook completing


  • electricity
  • Energy conservation
  • Energy Saving
  • Environmental
  • Our World
  • recycling
  • rubbish

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