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Learn a greeting and farewell from a non-English speaking country. Global Exploration Unit 13. Added by GGNZ Programme Team


Lists of greetings and farewells

Promise from a chosen country


With the five countries that your girls selected (do this the week before, including a Promise from a country), prepare the greetings and farewells on to paper/card, chose an activity that will be suitable for your age and number of girls


- To learn the greetings/farewells - Make copies of the chosen greetings and cut up individually - give one to each girl. On 'go' everyone circulates and greets each other. Alternative is to play this game with multiple copies of the chosen greetings, and girls are to find and form a pair or group with those that have the same greeting - see OGM activity 'Hello! Hello! Hello!' for details. Or can play where the greeting and the farewell have to meet and pair up - see OGM activity 'Hello/Goodbye Game'

- Have the country names cut up and the corresponding greeting and farewell - one set for each patrol. Place at one of the meeting space, opposite to where patrols are ready. On 'go' girls take turns to run and collect a piece of paper, as they collect they need to match up the country and greetings

- Pair Speed Race - following greetings game so they have practiced pronunciation - have the five greetings or farewells upside down in front of each person. On 'go' each girl flips over and read the greeting or farewell - who can finish all the greetings or farewells first?

- Captains Coming Version - place greetings or farewells around the meeting place. Call the country and girls to run to the correct greeting or correct farewell, and call it out. When you call 'around the world' everyone has to visit each one, calling out the greeting or farewell as they go then come back to the leader when finished.

- Fruit Salad Version - Everyone is in a circle, on a chair or a cushion. Each girl is given a greeting (or farewell). There is one less chair than number of players, the player without a chair stands in the middle of the circle. They call out a greeting or farewell, all those players have to stand up and swap seats. Whoever does not get a seat, is in the middle and calls the next one.

Once you have learnt these greetings and farewells, use them over the following meetings with your girls

Global Exploration Unit 13...Choose one of them and try to learn their Promise. Finish with reading the Promise chosen and compare to their NZ Promise - what is the same, what is different?

Here is the WAGGGS website link to the five regions - you can select a region and then a country to find their Promise and other information

Asia Pacific Region -


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