3 Peaks Challenge (Northala Hills Northolt)

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This challenge is designed for Northala Hills, Northolt, Middx. There are 4 small hills and the challenge is to make the Scouts work as a team, plan and read. The Challenge is to collect parts to make a kite from the top of each hill but by completing smaller challenges. If the kids don't plan and read they end up charging up and down the hills many many times. Kites should be substituted for anything else, they were naff, maybe Trangia to make cup of tea.


See Attached,
You basically need, Printed Challenge, items for the challenges.


Prineted Instructions given to Scouts.
Read Instructions Fully
• The parts to make your kite can be found at the top of each hill, but you must complete the 3 challenges listed below.
• The Hills are numbered 1 to 4 looking north.
• Teams may not split up.
• You may complete the challenges in any order.
• Challenge 1, Light a candle at the top of Hill 1
• Challenge 2, Each team member must eat a sweet at the top of Hill 2
• Challenge 3, tie a reef knot at the top of Hill 4 (with the officially supplied Scout rope.)
• Sweets are with the leader at the top of Hill 3
• Matches are with the Leader at the top of Hill 2 and cost 1 sweet per match
• Match Boxes are with the leader at the top of Hill 3
• The official scout rope is available from the leader at the top of Hill 1
• Candles are with the leader at the top of Hill 4 & cost 2 sweets


  • Hike and Trail
  • planning
  • team

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