Rounders: kick-ball rounders

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A variation on the traditional rounders game that gets the whole of the batting team involved.


Need: footballs (x3), blobs (x8), note book/white board to log points.
Optional: tennis racket, rounders bat, tennis balls x3.


Set up the rounders pitch with 4 blobs in a circle for bases (make it a small circle for younger children), two blobs beyond base 4 for a 'gate' to run through, a blob to mark where the bowler stands and a blob to mark where the batter stands.
Leader is the bowler. Split children into 2 teams: fielders and batters. Both teams start with 200 bonus points (just for fun!) and one Leader keeps a note of points scored. Bowler rolls/kicks 3 footballs to batter who tries to kick them as far as possible. Fielders not allowed to move until the batter attempts to kick the third ball. Then the batter and the whole batting team run around all 4 bases and through the final 'gate'; meanwhile the fielders collect the three balls and get them back to the bowler. 10 points awarded to the batting team if they all manage to get through the gate before all 3 balls are returned to the bowler, or 10 points awarded to the fielding team if they manage to return all 3 balls before batters get through 'gate'. Every batter has a turn then the two teams swap over.
Variations on the game: Vary the bat/racket and balls used to make it easier/harder e.g. tennis racket/rounders bat with tennis balls.



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