Marching Practice

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Practice marching in time.


Drum (not essential)


Beavers are arranged into lines of 3.
Front 3, middle Beaver to carry flag.
Adult leader at the front.
Other leaders at the back.
On instruction with marching commands from front adult leader Beavers march.

Marching Commands
ATTENTION: The position of attention is the basic military position. It indicates you are alert and ready for instruction. On the command ATTENTION, stand with your heels together, feet forming an angle of 45 degrees, head and body erect, hips and shoulders level, and chest lifted. Allow your arms to hang naturally— thumbs along skirt or trouser seams and fingers joined and in their natural curl. Keep your legs straight, but not stiff at the knees. Direct your head and eyes to the front. Keep your mouth closed, and pull your chin in slightly. When called to attention, bring the heel of your left foot to the heel of your right foot.
AT EASE: On the command AT EASE, you can relax and shift about, but keep your right foot in place. Do not talk. You must not talk, but you may remain relaxed.
REST: On the command REST, follow the same movement restrictions as you would when at ease, but you may talk.
FALL OUT: (This command is not a dismissal order.) Upon the command FALL OUT, leave your position in ranks but remain nearby. On the command FALL IN, resume your place in ranks, and come to attention. To bring a formation to attention again when it is in any one of the four positions of rest, the person issuing commands gives a preparatory command (such as Company) before the command ATTENTION. If at rest or at ease, come to the position of parade rest on the preparatory command.
RIGHT FACE: Right face is a two-count movement started on the commands Right, FACE. On the command FACE: (1) Raise your left heel and right toe slightly and turn 90 degrees to the right. Keep your left leg straight but not stiff. (2) Bring your left heel smartly alongside the right heel and stand at attention.
ABOUT FACE: About face is a two-count movement performed on the command: About, FACE. On the command About, shift your weight to your left leg without noticeable move- ment. On the command FACE, (1) place your right toe about 6 inches behind and slightly to the left of your left heel; (2) on the ball of the right foot and the heel of the left foot, turn smartly to the right until you are facing the rear. Your feet will be in the position of attention when the turn is completed if you place your right toe properly behind your left heel.



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