Fire lighting with no match

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Light a fire without matches
Here are different ways to start a fire without matches. It is suggested that each method is done before this night so Scouts can be show the different methods with ease



Flint and Steel
• Batteries and Steel wool
• Cell phone and steel wool
• Car Battery and Jumper Cables
• Magnifying Glass
• The Hand Drill
• Fire Plough
• Bow Drill
• Balloon
• Fire from Ice
• Coke can and Chocolate bar
• Batteries and gum wrapper
• Chemical reaction
• With water
• Lemon battery and steel wool
• Pump fire Drill
• Gas torch
• Flame thrower


There are lots of ways to start a fire without matches, show as many that are easy in the time that is allowed – Make sure to cover the Flint and steel as that is used.
Doing a google search will bring up lots of different ways to start a fire without matches


  • fire lighting - no matches

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