Jar + ball challenge

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This is a team-based co-operative challenge. The team/patrol must solve the puzzle within the time period. It was designed as one zone within an indoor crystal maze night but can be equally done as a stand-alone activity.


1 tall jam jar or vase. Say 15cm tall and with a narrow enough neck that scouts cannot get their hand in.
1 ping pong ball
1 chopstick or wooden skewer
1 piece of string
1 piece of paper or card
access to drinks/water


Place the ball in the empty jar. The team must get the ball out without touching or moving the jar or table. The other equipment should be placed on the table as they can use this is they want.
Give them between 2 and 4 minutes on this (depending upon how hard you want it to be)

Before they start, casually mention they can help themselves to a drink if they want to. Don't put the drinks on the table with the jar but elsewhere).

The solution is to pour drinks into the jar untilt he ball floats to the top


  • challenge
  • puzzle
  • team building

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