Get the ball across the river challenge

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This is a team-based co-operative challenge. The team/patrol must solve the puzzle within the time period. It was designed as one zone within an indoor crystal maze night but can be equally done as a stand-alone activity.


1 tennis ball
1 chair
1 small river/stream (or marked out area representing it)
1 stave
1 large spoon


A tennis ball is on a chair on the other side of a river (wider than they can reach)
The team must get the tennis ball without crossing the river themselves and without it touching the ground.
Place the other equipment on their side of the river.
The leader must be on the other side of the river.
Tell them they may use “only what they see beside the river”
Give them 3 minutes to get the ball across.

The solution is to either construct a gadget to get the ball or simply ask the leader to throw it to them. The leader is also "beside the river" :)


  • challenge
  • team building

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