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As part of UK Parliament Week and Youth Shaped Scouting. The Pack will hold a Pack Forum to decide on what they want to do next term. They will then get to vote on their favourite.


Box suitable to be used as a Ballot Box.
Ballot Papers


Explain to the Cubs the purpose of the evenings and who they will get to understand the basics of how we vote for our local MP and how MP's vote in Parliament.
1. In their Sixes, with the help of a Leader or Young Leader will discuss what sort of things they would like to do next term.
2. From the list each Six has to decide on their top 3 ideas and why they want to do them and present to the rest of the Pack there 3 and why.
3. While this is happening each Sixes Ideas are added to the "Ballot" paper
4. Once each Six has presented their case give each Cub a "Ballot" paper and one at a time send them to the " Ballot" booth to cast their vote for their favourite the ballot paper is then placed in the Ballot Box
5. While the Cubs play a game the Votes are counted
6. Report the results back to the Cubs
7. Point out to the Cubs, that the Leaders will do their best to organise the activity, but that just like in real politics this may not happen and that something that is promised may not happen


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