Electronics Ohms Law

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Use Ohms law to work out the value of a resistor using a multimeter
Then read the value of a resistor using the colored stripes on the side
Now compare the your results to see if they match


A multi-meter, a resistor (100 - 1000 ohm range), a bread board, some hook up wire, a battery


Set up a basic circuit as shown in the PDF. Get the scouts to to use the multi meter to measure volts (V) and current (I)
Explain Ohms law and get the scouts to calculate Resistance (R = V / I)
Use the resistor chart on the PDF to read the value of the resistor
Check if they match
*NB : Its best to use a resistor in the 100-1000 ohm range. Too high and the ammeter may not be accurate enough. Too low and it will short the battery too much
Good to do in groups of 3-5



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