Deaf Awareness - Non-Verbal Communication

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Cubs are to get in a line in order of month of birth with-out talking - activity taken from




1. Explain to the Cubs that they have 3 minutes in which to position themselves in a line along one of the wall. 
2. Tell them that they must arrange themselves in order of their birthdays through the year (not in age order) – starting with January at one end and ending with December at the other.  While doing this they must not talk or make any noises with their mouth.
3. While this activity is taking place do not give any prompts other than to inform them of the time remaining and to remind them that they should not be speaking
4. Try to observe the different methods that are being used to achieve the task. 
5. Once the time is up ask the Cubs, in order, to call out their birthdays to see how effectively they have completed the task.
6. Once the Cubs have returned to their places have a discussion with them about how difficult they found the task.
7. Ask them to explain the techniques that they used to accomplish the task and talk about other ways that it may have been achieved


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