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Surf Smart - Connect #7 - Block it!

Girls create an obstacle course to encourage discussion around unseen security risks on the internet.




Set up an obstacle course at your meeting place.

Blindfold two team members and have them walk from one end of the course to the other. Each has a ‘guide’ walking with them but the guide can only help with their voice.

How easy is it to navigate the course without touching the obstacles?

Discuss: This game is a bit like going online; the blindfolded person is like someone using the internet who can’t always see the security risks around them. The guide represents security software that can help the user navigate the web safely. However, security software cannot do everything on its own.The blindfolded person has to cooperate and be careful, using their other senses and not running ahead. When using the internet, users need to be as smart and careful as they can be. That, combined with good security software, will help keep them safe online.


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