IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Money Matters Option 02

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Keep a record of money you receive and how you spend it (Saving / Income and expenditure)


 Information for Leader (See attached file)


Aim of Badge: To learn how to be responsible with money
This Badge has 5 options of which 5 must be completed
This activity can be completed over a number of weeks.

 Listen to a story of the importance of saving (Brownie Money Matters Option One – the Pointy, Squarey and Rolly story)
 Give each Brownie a copy of the record sheet (see attached file)
 In Pow wow discuss why it is a good idea to record income (money received) and expenditure (money spent)
 Why it’s a good idea to set a saving goal
 Want to save for something but find it hard to put money aside? Why not make a saving jar?

Saving has to be inviting… So, why not dress up an old jar with a picture of what you are saving for. Stick it to the inside of the jar, along with a name for the ‘fund’ you are creating, and start putting in your spare change!


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